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I offer support sessions in the workplace to people working in stressful the caring industry, front line nursing, the fire service, police force, funeral directors etc

Workplace support sessions

With some jobs comes a lot of stress. People that are highly stressed can sometimes take more time off sick than others, as they struggle with problems that arise in the workplace. Make sure your staff are getting enough support in the workplace. For example in the caring industry care workers do round the clock shifts, which adds stress into their personal lives. They are also working with all sorts of different personality types, some of which are more easy to deal with than others, they have to form relationships with the clients' families too, some of these relationships with either the clients or family can be extremely challenging. Making sure your staff have enough support is important in helping them be effective in the workplace...helping them to remain positive in the face of extreme challenge, thus keeping morale high in your place of work.

In some jobs like the fire service or police force very traumatic events can take place which can be difficult for the people in the front line to deal with. Often the experience will be 'put on one side' to be dealt with later, while the emergency is tended to, and the 'fall out' dealt with, then the paperwork....and the kids collected from school etc, so that the actual traumatic event never really has enough 'airtime' to be fully dealt with. This can lead to a backlog of trauma that eventually can lead to depression or burnout, and sometimes relationship difficulties.

Helping workplace morale

Helping morale in the workplace is important for productivity. All I need is a small office to or quiet room to use where I can set up sessions on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. Staff members can then come for allotted sessions of half an hour or an hour (to be negotiated) to talk in a confidential setting about any issues arising.

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