For help with depression, infertility, relationship, & anxiety problems in the Cambridge & Royston area

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My name is Mandy Thornton and I'm committed helping people challenge and change limiting beliefs, experience joy and abundance, enjoy enriching relationships, find inner peace, and therefore lead the life they want to live. 

My background is in Counselling & Groupwork and Body Psychotherapy, and I work with clients with varying problems, aiming for all sorts of different things, though this can usually be summed up as 'working towards emotional and physical health and well being'. I have been working with supporting people for 20 years now. I am interested in people and their story....I always have been, and I can't help but feel honoured when someone chooses me to tell their story to. Listening is one of the most important aspects of my job, as well as being completely non-judgemental, and spacious.

In the one-to one client sessions I work on the premise that every unexpressed emotion; fear, anger, sadness, trauma, loneliness and grief is held onto by the body. This can create problems like anxiety, depression, lack of confidence and low self esteem. We can lose direction and purpose in life, our relationships can become stale or conflict ridden. Physical symptoms and minor illnesses are sometimes a problem... IBS, migraines, sleep problems, infertility, back problems, headaches etc.

The underlying cause of any problems usually becomes evident during early sessions. We then have a variety of ways of tackling the problems and learning to work with any painful feelings.....together.

Some clients may wish to come for weekly or fortnightly sessions depending on the presenting issues, and we would discuss that at our initial consultation, when we would also chat through what brings them to see me, and what is it they are hoping for, or wanting to move towards with our sessions.They may need ongoing support during a difficult time, or to get to the bottom of some deep rooted problems ie depression or relationship problems.

I also offer support sessions in the workplace. Jobs in the caring industry for instance, can be very stressful...but stress in the workplace can be experienced in many different types of job. ie funeral directors, doctors surgeries as well as the fire service and police force.


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