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I offer one-to one therapy, and I can also set up support groups where needed.

I also offer the use of Australian Bush Flower essences which are natural drops made from the essence of some amazing Australian flowers from the Bush, which have been used for thousands of years by the Aborigines to help with emotional and physical problems.

Just a few of the problems that the Australian Bush Flower Essences can help with:


Backache can occur when we have been tensing muscles over a long period of time, and conversely when others are not being used enough. This can be due to stress. Tensing our muscles can stop us feeling our difficult feelings...but unfortunately they just build up, and the tension gets worse, so eventually we can end up with back and posture problems or other joint problems eg hips, knees etc. The thing about blocking out painful feelings is that our body doesn't discriminate! The good, pleasurable feelings like joy, excitement, satisfaction etc get blocked too! So what needs to happen to release the tension....what are you holding on to that needs to find a release?

Anxiety & depression

There can be many reasons for anxiety and depression (they often go together). Sometimes it's because we have suffered trauma early in life, before we've established coping mechanisms. Often we have learnt not to express our feelings as a youngster and have just continually pushed down or swallowed our negative feelings, resulting in feelings of alienation and loneliness, and maybe we feel dead inside. With anxiety often comes uncomfortable feelings in the chest, and of course the constant worrying about one thing or another, despite being told by ourselves and others to stop worrying. We just can't! With some gentle support, we can look at how you handle your paiful feelings. Maybe with some Australian Bush Flower Essences these symptoms can soon start to soften and recede.

Sleep problems

Often we are used to pushing ourselves to the limit, not really listening to our body when it says 'hey, I need to rest'. What happens is then our mind can't switch off at night. We might drop off to sleep, exhausted... only to waken a couple of hours later with all sorts of thoughts going round and round in our head and feeling anxious. Of course high anxiety states can cause sleep problems too. So... how do we change the way we live our life to support better rest?

Relationship problems

Most peoples' relationships have difficult phases, but some people keep attracting unsuitable partners, or a long term relationship is no longer working. Communication is key here...but have we been taught how to communicate about the important we feel about things? Are our behaviour patterns no longer working for us? Habitual behaviour patterns that worked for us when we were young may no longer be appropriate, and could actually be making things worse. Let's look at those habits and patterns....and work towards gently changing what needs to be changed.

Irritable bowel syndrome

What do we do with our stress, worry and anxiety? Where does our fear get held in our body? These are major causes of IBS. Again looking at behaviour patterns can establish what needs to change to aid our health and well being?

Headaches and migraines

How grounded are we? When we are feeling angry or vulnerable how do we respond to that...what do we do with it? Our neck really is a bottle neck for stuck emotions. Tense shoulders reflect tension further up to the neck, which is the narrowest point in our body. We can end up with the most incredible pain as everything gets congested in that narrow funnel as we try to pull up and away from our emotional discomfort. Learning to process our feelings and emotions can mean we become less frightened of strong emotion....we become more comfortable in our own body, calmer and more relaxed.


Lack of direction

Do we know where we're going in life, what we really want to do? Do we feel a sense of purpose? Are we following our heart or our head? There could just be a sense of 'stuckness'...maybe in a tired old relationship, or a dead end job. Weariness can be a problem. Let's look at what's holding you back....what are your dreams for yourself?

Lack of confidence & low self esteem

Have we got the confidence to go for what we really want in life? Do we believe we're really worthy to have whatever it is we really want? Are we good enough? How are we at mixing in social situations...would we rather avoid certain types of situation? Does our fear and anxiety get in the way? Does something always seem to go wrong, no matter how hard we try? What beliefs need to change for us to see what an amazing human being we are....that we can create whatever our heart desires, and we can actually attract good luck?

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