Using Australian Bush Flower Essences to enhance your therapy

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The manufacture & use of flower essences can be traced back many thousands of years. Theis use was common in many cultures to treat emotional health & wellbeing. We are rediscovering the understanding that emotional welbeing is a major component of, and is inextricably linked to physical health in the whole person.

Australian Bush Flower Essences are used all over the world to help manage the demands of everyday life.

The Australian Bush Flower Essences are very gentle, natural drops made from the essence of specific flowers, chosen for their healing and balancing properties in much the same way as a homeopathic remedy . They are completely self adjusting, which means that they can never bring up in you more than you can cope with.

They may also be taken alongside any prescription medication you may be taking currently.

Taking the Essences

Generally the Australian Bush Flower Essences are taken twice a day, 7 drops are taken under the tongue, where there are many blood vessels close to the surface to facilitate the assimilation of the essences.

Some Essences like Emergency Essence can be taken as often as needed as it helps with sudden shock. Also Travel Essence which helps with the effects of long distance air travel (dehydration, DVT, and jet lag) needs to be taken more often.

Instructions for dosage are always given on the bottle.

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