For infertility in Cambridge


Working with infertility in Cambridge

Are you suffering unexplained infertlity problems?

The Australian Bush Flower Essences are particularly good and helping to balance the whole reproductive system.

What stops you getting pregnant?

What are your unconscious attitudes to being a parent, and how does this affect your receptivity to getting pregnant? What needs to be looked at to release any long held negative beliefs that may be blocking you? It is sometimes a seemingly small thing that we are holding onto, tucked away in our unconscious, that just needs bringing out and airing....talking about.

Working with issues

In our sessions we'd look at conscious and unconscious beliefs and attitudes to becoming a parent...what are your reservations, are you suffering from anxiety or depression?

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...if you'd like to chat over whether this kind of work can help you.....whether you need help with anxiety in Royston, sleep problems in Cambridge or need help with depression in Cambridge.

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